ESB Centre News, Spring/Summer 2019 edition

Emma Esposito, Director, ESBinItaly (left) and Tina Renshaw, Chief Executive, ESB International (right) (right)

Tina Renshaw (Chief Executive), Elaine Rudduck (Chief Examiner) and Christine Vasey (Senior Examiner) flew out to Naples to use their expert ESB knowledge to standardise all Oral Assessors for our centre in Italy, ESBinItaly, who promote ESOL International assessments across Italy. Together, the ESB team led 10 training sessions over five days to re-standardise all our current Oral Assessors and to train and standardise new Oral Assessors in Italy. Meanwhile, Tina spoke to the centre organisers to give an overview on how to mitigate risk and compliance in assessments. Said Elaine, “It’s a privilege to come to Italy to contribute to the professional development of our Oral Assessors who facilitate our assessments in schools throughout the country.”

Emma Esposito (Director, ESBinItaly) coordinated the training sessions, and commented, “At ESBinItaly, it is always a pleasure to catch up with our partners from ESB International, and to be reminded of the policies and standards which make the organisation so respected here in Italy.” The training of Oral Assessors is absolutely crucial to the reputation and standard set by ESB International, and we are proud of the work ESBinItaly carries out to promote our ethos in their schools.


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